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Fallbacks Are Overrated - Architecting For Resilience

Abstract Fallbacks in circuit breakers replace failure with some pre-configured response so that the scope of the malfunction is limited and hidden from the end user. However, in real life, a naïve fallback is often too simple and either confusing or unacceptable. I suggest a more robust approach to handling failures, compensating for broken transactions in the future. Reading time: 8 minutes. What is a circuit breaker? A circuit breaker is a layer between your code and external dependencies that have a high risk of failure. Every time you call another service, database, or even touch your own disk, there is a possibility of failure. Without circuit breakers such a simple error quickly escalates, bubbling up to your end user. All too often minor dependency brings down a huge system, resulting in 503 HTTP responses or slowness. Circuit breaker discovers raised error levels or elevated response times quickly. Rather than slowing the whole system, it cuts off entire dependency