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Eager subscription - RxJava FAQ

Warsaw center from Park Szczęśliwicki While teaching and mentoring RxJava, as well as after authoring a book , I noticed some areas are especially problematic. I decided to publish a bunch of short tips that address most common pitfalls. This is the first part. Observable s and Flowable s are lazy by nature. This means no matter how heavy or long-running logic you place inside your Flowable , it will get evaluated only when someone subscribes. And also as many times as someone subscribes. This is illustrated by the following code snippet: private static String slow() throws InterruptedException {"Running"); TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1); return "abc"; } //... Flowable<String> flo = Flowable.fromCallable(this::slow);"Created"); flo.subscribe(); flo.subscribe();"Done"); Such Observable or Flowable will inevitably print: 19:37:57.368 [main] - Created 19:37:57.379 [main] - Running 1