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Thoughts after JCrete unconference

I don't always write conference reviews. But when I do, they are about awesome ones. And JCrete was truly awesome. I got invited by Heinz Kabutz himself and this is pretty much the only way to get there. JCrete is an uncoference with no tickets and no designated speakers. Besides there is no conference fee but also everyone pays for themselves. This feels a lot more like a group of people meeting each other informally rather than a full-blown, very official conference. Which is good. Few people won an invitation in an open draw but most of the guests are selected by the organizers. This means you are guaranteed to meet fantastic people from Java community, dozens of Java Champions and open source contributors. This year's attendees included Cliff Click, Richard Warburton, Kirk Pepperdine, Stuart Marks, Jonas Bonér, Viktor Klang, Dan North, Ken Sipe and Stephen Chin. And of course Heinz. A lot of great people to meet and share experiences. But JCrete is an uncoference, meanin