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Guide to time and date in Java

Properly handling dates, time, time zones, daylight saving time, leap years and such has been my pet peeve for a long time. This article is not a comprehensive guide to time domain, see Date and time in Java - much more detailed but slightly, ekhem , dated. It's still relevant, but doesn't cover java.time from Java 8. I want to cover the absolute minimum that every junior Java developer should be aware of. When did an event happen? Philosophy and quantum physics aside, we may treat time as a one-dimensional metric, a real number value. This value keeps growing when time passes by. If one event appeared after another, we assign greater time to that event. Two events happening simultaneously have the same time value. For practical reasons in computer systems we store time in discrete integer, mainly because computer clocks tick discretely. Therefore we can store time as an integer value. By convention we assign time = 0 to January 1st, 1970 but in Java we increment this val