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Functor and monad examples in plain Java

This article was initially an appendix in our Reactive Programming with RxJava book. However introduction to monads, albeit very much related to reactive programming, didn't suit very well. So I decided to take it out and publish separately as a blog post. I am aware that " my very own, half correct and half complete explanation of monads " is the new " Hello, world " on programming blogs. Yet the article looks at functors and monads from a specific angle of Java data structures and libraries. Thus I thought it's worthwhile sharing. RxJava was designed and built on top of very fundamental concepts like functors , monoids and monads . Even though Rx was modeled initially for imperative C# language and we are learning about RxJava, working on top of similarly imperative language, the library has its roots in functional programming. You should not be surprised after you realize how compact RxJava API is. There are pretty much just a handful of core classe