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Dependency injection: syntax sugar over function composition

Quoting Dependency Injection Demystified : "Dependency Injection" is a 25-dollar term for a 5-cent concept. *James Shore, 22 Mar, 2006 Dependency injection, as much as it is important when writing testable, composable and well-structured applications, means nothing more than having objects with constructors. In this article I want to show you how dependency injection is basically just a syntax sugar that hides function currying and composition. Don't worry, we'll go very slowly trying to explain why these two concepts are very much a like. Setters, annotations and constructors Spring bean or EJB is a Java object. However if you look closely most beans are actually stateless after creation. Calling methods on Spring bean rarely modifies the state of that bean. Most of the time beans are just convenient namespaces for a bunch of procedures working in similar context. We don't modify the state of CustomerService when calling invoice() , we merely