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Notes after Spring.IO Barcelona conference

Barcelona seen from Tibidabo Mountain Courtesy of my company, 4Finance IT , I attended Spring I/O Barcelona this year. 2 days full of Spring, Groovy, Grails and Cloud , as the conference advertises itself, is not an exaggeration. And although I am not really that interested in Groovy and especially Grails, a lot of other talks grabbed my attention and inspired in many ways. Let me briefly summarize what I learned and topics I will definitely explore in the nearest future. Spring 4 Web Applications by Rossen Stoyanchev One of the coolest things that come into Spring MVC 4.2 is a ResponseBodyEmitter , similar to DeferredResult but designed for asynchronous streaming of multiple values. In 4.2 you simply return ResponseBodyEmitter from your controller and push data from server to clients whenever you find it convenient. There is a specialized SseEmitter implementation. Server-sent events , webSocket and STOMP were the most important themes during this talk. Looks like Sprin