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CompletableFuture can't be interrupted

I wrote a lot about InterruptedException and interrupting threads already. In short if you call Future.cancel() not inly given Future will terminate pending get(), but also it will try to interrupt underlying thread. This is a pretty important feature that enables better thread pool utilization. I also wrote to always prefer CompletableFuture over standard Future. It turns out the more powerful younger brother of Future doesn't handle cancel() so elegantly. Consider the following task, which we'll use later throughout the tests:

class InterruptibleTask implements Runnable { private final CountDownLatch started = new CountDownLatch(1) private final CountDownLatch interrupted = new CountDownLatch(1) @Override void run() { started.countDown() try { Thread.sleep(10_000) } catch (InterruptedException ignored) { interrupted.countDown() } } void blockUntilStarted() { started.await() } v…