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CompletableFuture can't be interrupted

I wrote a lot about InterruptedException and interrupting threads already. In short if you call Future.cancel() not inly given Future will terminate pending get() , but also it will try to interrupt underlying thread. This is a pretty important feature that enables better thread pool utilization. I also wrote to always prefer CompletableFuture over standard Future . It turns out the more powerful younger brother of Future doesn't handle cancel() so elegantly. Consider the following task, which we'll use later throughout the tests: class InterruptibleTask implements Runnable { private final CountDownLatch started = new CountDownLatch(1) private final CountDownLatch interrupted = new CountDownLatch(1) @Override void run() { started.countDown() try { Thread.sleep(10_000) } catch (InterruptedException ignored) { interrupted.countDown() } } void blockUntilStarted() { started.await()