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Custom Spring namespaces made easier with JAXB

First of all, let me tell this out loud: Spring is no longer XML-heavy . As a matter of fact you can write Spring applications these days with minimal or no XML at all, using plenty of annotations, Java configuration and Spring Boot . Seriously stop ranting about Spring and XML, it's the thing the of the past. That being said you might still be using XML for couple of reasons: you are stuck with legacy code base, you chose XML for other reasons or you use Spring as a foundation for some framework/platform. The last case is actually quite common, for example Mule ESB and ActiveMQ use Spring underneath to wire up their dependencies. Moreover Spring XML is their way to configure the framework. However configuring message broker or enterprise service bus using plain Spring <bean/> s would be cumbersome and verbose. Luckily Spring supports writing custom namespaces that can be embedded within standard Spring configuration files. These custom snippets of XML are preprocessed