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brainfuck in Clojure. Part II: compiler

Oslofjord Last time we developed brainfuck interpreter in Clojure . This time we will write a compiler. Compilation has two advantages over interpretation: the resulting program tends to be faster and source program is lost/obscured in binary. It turns out that a brainfuck compiler (to any assembly/bytecode) is not really that complex - brainfuck is very low level and similar to typical CPU architectures (chunk of mutable memory, modified one cell at a time). Thus we will go for something slightly different. Instead of producing JVM bytecode (which some already did ) we shall write a Clojure macro that will generate code equivalent to any brainfuck program. In other words we will produce Clojure source equivalent to brainfuck source - at compile time. This task is actually more challenging because idiomatic Clojure is much different from idiomatic brainfuck (if such thing as " idiomatic brainfuck " ever existed). Let's first think how such a Clojure code could look