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Client-side server monitoring with Jolokia and JMX

The choice of Java monitoring tools is tremendous (random selection and order powered by Google): javamelody psi-probe JVisualVM jconsole JAMon Java JMX Nagios Plugin N/A Besides, there are various dedicated tools e.g. for ActiveMQ , JBoss , Quartz scheduler , Tomcat/tcServer ... So which one should you use as an ultimate monitoring dashboard? Well, none of them provide out-of-the-box features you might require. In some applications you have to constantly monitor the contents and size of a given JMS queue. Others are known to have memory or CPU problems. I have also seen software where system administrators had to constantly run some SQL query and check the results or even parse the logs to make sure some essential background process is running. Possibilities are endless, because it really depends on the software and its use-cases. To make matters worse, your customer doesn't care about GC activity, number of open JDBC connections and whether this

Automatically generating WADL in Spring MVC REST application

Last time we have learnt the basics of WADL . The language itself is not as interesting to write a separate article about it, but the title of this article reveals why we needed that knowledge. Many implementations of JSR 311: JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services provide runtime WADL generation out-of-the-box: Apache CXF , Jersey and Restlet . RESTeasy still waiting. Basically these frameworks examine Java code with JSR-311 annotations and generate WADL document available under some URL. Unfortunately Spring MVC not only does not implement the JSR-311 standard (see: Does Spring MVC support JSR 311 annotations? ), but it also does not generate WADL for us (see: SPR-8705 ), even though it is perfectly suited for exposing REST services. For various reasons I started developing server-side REST services with Spring MVC and after a while (say, thirdy resources later) I started to get a bit lost. I really needed a way to catalogue and document all available resources and oper