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Enabling JMX in Hibernate, EhCache, Quartz, DBCP and Spring

Continuing our journey with JMX (see: ...JMX for human beings ) we will learn how to enable JMX support (typically statistics and monitoring capabilities) in some popular frameworks. Most of this information can be found on project's home pages, but I decided to collect it with few the addition of some useful tips. Hibernate (with Spring support) Exposing Hibernate statistics with JMX is pretty simple , however some nasty workarounds are requires when JPA API is used to obtain underlying SessionFactory class JmxLocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean() extends LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean { override def createNativeEntityManagerFactory() = { val managerFactory = super.createNativeEntityManagerFactory() registerStatisticsMBean(managerFactory) managerFactory } def registerStatisticsMBean(managerFactory: EntityManagerFactory) { managerFactory match { case impl: EntityManagerFactoryImpl => val mBean = new StatisticsService(); mBean.setStatistic