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Enabling JMX in Hibernate, EhCache, Quartz, DBCP and Spring

Continuing our journey with JMX (see: ...JMX for human beings) we will learn how to enable JMX support (typically statistics and monitoring capabilities) in some popular frameworks. Most of this information can be found on project's home pages, but I decided to collect it with few the addition of some useful tips.
Hibernate (with Spring support) Exposing Hibernate statistics with JMX is pretty simple, however some nasty workarounds are requires when JPA API is used to obtain underlying SessionFactory
class JmxLocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean() extends LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean { override def createNativeEntityManagerFactory() = { val managerFactory = super.createNativeEntityManagerFactory() registerStatisticsMBean(managerFactory) managerFactory } def registerStatisticsMBean(managerFactory: EntityManagerFactory) { managerFactory match { case impl: EntityManagerFactoryImpl => val mBean = new StatisticsService(); mBean.setStatisticsEnable…