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EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard Reese review

Recently I received a copy of EJB 3.1 Cookbook (courtesy to Packt Publishing ) with a kind request to prepare a review. And since I have just got my new Kindle reader , this was a great opportunity to test them together. EJB 3.1 Cookbook by Richard Reese aims to provide “ a collection of simple but incredibly effective recipes ” – quoting the subtitle. The book covers expected part of the EJB stack: session and message-driven beans, JPA, security, interceptors, timer service and web services. Contents are organized around so called recipes – short (no more than three pages long) micro-chapters focused on one specific issue. This is the most advantageous feature of this publication: all recipes all self-contained most of the time, so one can jump between them and apply the most suitable in given scenario. This makes the book suitable for both the beginners, which should read it from cover to cover and slightly more experienced developers. However the latter ones will prob

Poor man's CRUD: jqGrid, REST, AJAX, and Spring MVC in one house

More than two years back I wrote an article on how two implement elegant CRUD in Struts2 . Actually I had to devote two articles on that subject because the topic was so broad. Today I have taken much more lightweight and modern approach with a set of popular and well established frameworks and libraries. Namely, we will use Spring MVC on the back-end to provide REST interface to our resources, fabulous jqGrid plugin for jQuery to render tabular grids (and much more!) and we will wire up everything with a pinch of JavaScript and AJAX. Back-end is actually the least interesting part of this showcase, it could have been implemented using any server-side technology capable of handling RESTful requests, probably JAX-RS should now be considered standard in this field. I have chosen Spring MVC without any good reason, but it's also not a bad choice for this task. We will expose CRUD operations over REST interface; the list of best selling books in history will be our domain model (c