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Enabling load balancing and failover in Apache CXF

A while ago we've faced the requirement of load-balancing web services clients based on Apache CXF . Also the clients should automatically fail-over when some of the servers are down. To make it even worse, the list of servers target addresses was to be obtained from external service and updated at runtime. Eventually we ended up with home-grown load-balancing micro-library (ESB/UDDI/WS-Addressing seemed like an interesting alternatives, but they were an overkill in our situation). If we only knew Apache CXF already supports all these features (almost) out of the box? Don't blame us though, only reference to this feature points to a very poor documentation page (if you call 404 “poor”). If it's not in official documentation, I would expect to find it in Apache CXF Web Service Development book – unfortunately, bad luck there as well. But hey, isn't exploring such features yourself even greater fun? This is the client configuration we are starting with: <beans xm