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MongoDB and recording appenders for Logback

Today I am giving you two new appenders for Logback : one for MongoDB and one which I called recording appender . Just as a reminder, appenders (both in Log4J and Logback) are an abstraction of your application logs destination. The most common are file and console appenders, followed by several others built-in. MongoDB appender is pretty straightforward, so I will start by describing the recording appender. Recording appender As you already know , one of the biggest benefits of using logging frameworks are logging levels. By carefully choosing levels for each logging statement we can easily filter which logs should be present in our log files and which shouldn't. Also we can apply different logging strategies for different environments. This is in theory. In practice we often face the choice between: log everything just in case and handle gigabytes of meaningless log files or log only warnings and errors but when they actually occur, they are meaningless as well, lacking im