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Functional Java Developers’ Day 2010

Ted Neward s’ talk about functional programming in Java and his workshop on Scala (hence the article title) were the most memorable events during the third JDD conference that I attended last week. Sadly most memorable, and almost the only ones. But first things first. After spending endless hours with great Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 book by Bill Burke I’ve expected something fabulous, but Bills’ lecture about JAX-RS was just average, with no coding, only plain API introduction. Scott Davis' presenting REST and ROA last year was way much better. Thankfully Angelika Langer talk about Java concurrency pitfalls was much more interesting, although one might argue that she just gave a summary of marvelous Java Concurrency in Practice book, that I have recommended long time ago. One new thing I’ve learnt is that updating volatile variable guarantees all other non-volatile variable updated earlier by the same thread to be visible by other threads, as if they were volatile as well