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Elegance vs. simplicity

Few weeks ago I had pleasure to give a speech " Mule ESB vs. Apache ServiceMix " at Warsaw Java Users Group , together with Łukasz Dywicki . During this live coding session I have been implementing some simple integration logic using Mule ESB , while Łukasz did the same with ServiceMix . The presentation went pretty good, you can find source code here . While preparing for the speech I have discovered some bug (see MULE-4708 ) in Mule ESB 2.2.1. My patch has been applied in less than 10 hours after submitting, which is quite impressive. Sadly, the ESB’s code I had to study to track down the bug was not so impressive, at least that was my first impression. Just take a look at this excerpt from org.mule.transport.jms.JmsMessageUtils , that takes literally any object and converts it into proper JMS message type: public static Message toMessage(Object object, Session session) throws JMSException { if (object instanceof Message) { return (Message) object; }